Sci Academy


A Day at School

Staff Morning Meeting

"Our morning meeting brings the whole team together.  We share announcements.  We share information about kids.  We give each other shoutouts for the teamwork we've seen throughout the week."  Kim Frusciante, Dean of Social Studies and Foreign Language Department

Scholars Arrive and Shake Hands

“The handshake gets you started in the morning.  If you come with a bad day, one of the teachers is going to work it out with you for you to have a good day.”  Gregory Butler, Scholar, Class of 2015

“You feel like you are loved.  They don’t have to greet you in the morning.  They could just let you walk up to the school by yourself, but they don’t.  They want to see how you’re feeling.”  Darrian Ford, Scholar, Class of 2012

Scholars Go to Class

“Hallways play a particularly important role in the high school experience.  In other schools, kids come into the next class having had a number of social experiences [in the hallway] that are not altogether pleasant.  For whatever reason, they are coming into their next period not focused on class.  We hope to eliminate this experience by shortening transition times and ensuring that scholars have positive interactions while traveling to class.”   Ben Marcovitz, Founder and CEO, Collegiate Academies

“The structured transitions in the 9th grade taught me to comply with what was set before me and not to stray away from the things I was building on.”  Stephanie Wyatt, Scholar, Class of 2012

Scholars Attend Class

The 9th and 10th grade classes are focused on catching scholars up and pushing their critical thinking skills.   On average, scholars come in at a 5th grade reading level and we support them in filling in any gaps in their education to date.

The 11th and 12th grade years are focused on preparing the scholars for college.  We offer honors and AP classes, foreign language, and college knowledge and college readiness classes (e.g., ACT prep and college applications support)

Sample 9th grade schedule
Algebra I (2 periods)
Reading is Life
World Geography

Sample 12th grade schedule
Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus
English IV or AP Literature
World History of AP World History
AP Environmental Science or AP Biology
Spanish III
Speech or Rhetoric
College Knowledge

Book Club / Independent Reading

“We have created a reading program during which the scholars read books of their choice aligned to their reading level.  Through a series of diagnostics, we determine their reading levels and we reassess them constantly.  This means we get to meet them where they are as they grow.  Scholars get to read, read, read each day in Independent Reading.  During their reading class, I get to individualize my instruction and teach each student the most appropriate reading strategies.   This program has yielded on average three years of reading growth in one year for our scholars who are furthest behind.”   Kaycee Eckhardt, 9th Grade Reading Teacher


“What we’ve effectively done is taken a type of relationship where one teacher goes above and beyond for a student because of an emotional connection to that kid, and we've made sure that that happens for every kid in the school.”   Ben Marcovitz, Founder and CEO, Collegiate Academies

“That is my family, my brothers. I can tell them anything.  We do anything just to lift each other, keep each other on track.  We all get a chance to talk and discuss all of our problems.”  Luther Hughes, Scholar, Class of 2014


The last hour of the day supports the co-curricular programs that we offer.  This includes tutoring and office hours for teachers, clubs, and athletics.  Co-curricular offerings vary by school.  Examples include yearbook, student government, and improvisation.  Athletics include volleyball, football and basketball.

“If I need help, I can go to my teachers during Seminar for tutoring.  I can also call them on the phone at night up until 9:30 pm.  The teachers here are different than at other schools.  They really care.”  Alicia L’Herrise, Scholar, Class of 2014