Sci Academy

Staff I-Q

Ifshin, Ben - Biology Instructor/Science Dean

Ben Ifshin teaches Biology to 9th graders at Sci Academy, and the science department plan rigorous and engaging lessons. Before joining Sci Academy, Mr. Ifshin previously, worked for the Gulf Restoration Network, an environmental nonprofit committed to a healthy Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Ifshin holds a BA from the University of Vermont.


Jackson, Keshanta - Behavior Interventionist

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Kelly, Aidan - Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Aidan Kelly is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Sci Academy. Mr. Kelly joined Sci Academy as an English instructor, and became the Dean of English during his second year. In his role as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Mr. Kelly supports teachers through coaching and curricular work to ensure that our scholars reach their goals. Prior to joining Sci Academy, Mr. Kelly taught English and Math at his Teach For America placement school, a GED program in Jefferson Parish. He holds an A.B. in History and Literature from Harvard College.

Mr. Kelly leads the Harvard Advisory, Class of 2014.

Kelly, Carvonda - Custodian

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Kline, Jim - Seminar in Innovation & Change Instructor, Senior Culture Dean

Jim Kline supports the academic needs of our senior teachers, as well as teach the senior Seminar in Innovation and Change, a yearlong seminar in design thinking and project-based learning. Before joining the Sci Academy team, he served as the head of the Social Studies Department at West St. John High School in St. John Parish, Louisiana. Mr. Kline previously worked as a Curriculum Specialist for Teach for America Summer Institute in Atlanta. He holds a B.A. in Political Science and Public Policy from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ and a MA in Educational Leadership from Teachers College from Columbia University.                                                      

Mr. Kline leads the Rutgers Advisory, Class of 2015.

Lambrecht, Kelsey - Director of Intervention

Kelsey Lambrecht supports intervention and special education programming by providing instructional coaching for interventionists and special education teachers. She also provides support to teachers with data analysis of scholar performance to ensure all scholars are reaching rigorous goals and helps to determine which interventions are most high impact for school. Previously, Ms. Lambrecht taught in Essential Skills, a program for scholars with significant disabilities. Before joining the Sci Academy team, Ms. Lambrecht worked as a special education teacher at Andrew Wilson Charter School in New Orleans and taught at a school in Jefferson Parish. Ms. Lambrecht holds a BA in Psychology and Behavioral Science from Concordia University, and an M.Ed in Special Education with a focus on Significant Disabilities from the University of New Orleans.

Ms. Lambrecht leads the Concordia Advisory, Class of 2015.

Levy, Samara - Mathematics Instructor

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Mackin, Kit - Spanish Instructor

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May, Andrea - Intervention Instructor

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McElligott, Anthony - Science Instructor

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McFee, Cameron - ACT Prep

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McIntosh, Gwen - School Nurse

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Mich, Sarah - English III & AP Language Instructor

Sara Mich teaches English III and AP Language and Composition to our junior scholars, supporting them in engaging with complex texts and writing at a college level. During the year, her work prepares them for the English III EOC, the ACT, and the analysis of texts they encounter in college and in life. Before joining Sci Academy, Ms. Mich worked as a Field Organizer in Philadelphia for a civic engagement startup that aggregated and shared political data. Ms. Mich has a BA in American Studies from Yale University, and is currently enrolled in the MAT program with Relay.

Mills Fabio, Lynsay - English I Instructor

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O'Connor, Kathryn - Special Education Compliance Coordinator

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Pickel, Justin - Assistant Principal

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