Sci Academy

Staff A-H

All Sci Academy staff members are listed alphabetically by last name. 

Aeschliman, Emily - Physics Instructor

Emily Aeschilman teaches Physics to scholars. Before joining Sci Academy, she previously taught Chemistry in Memphis, TN. Ms. Aeschilman holds a BA in Molecular and Cell Biology- Neurobiology from the University of California, Berkeley. 

Ms. Aeschilman leads the Cal Bears Advisory.

Bell, Alex - English IV & AP Literature & Composition Instructor

Alex Bell teaches English IV and AP Literature and Composition to 12th grade scholars. Before joining the Sci Academy team he briefly taught 5th and 6th grade ELA at Banneker Elementary. Mr. Bell holds a BA in English from The University of the South (Sewanee) and a MA in English from Texas A&M University. 

Mr. Bell leads the Sewanee Advisory, Class of 2018!

Bogard, Jon - Teacher Coach/ Math Instructor/ Junior Culture Dean

Jon Bogard began his career at Sci Academy as a Math Instructor. Currently, he teaches Algebra II to sophomores and juniors and also serves as the Dean of the Sophomore class, where he supports 10th grade teachers and advisors by building and sustaining the high achieving sophomore culture. Before working for Sci Academy, Mr. Bogard taught at L.W. Higgins in Jefferson Parish. Mr. Bogard holds a BA in Philosophy from Brown University. 

Mr. Bogard leads the Brown Advisory, Class of 2015.

Bougere, Nathaniel - Lead Custodian

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Bubalo, Katie - English II Instructor

Katie Bubalo joined the Sci Academy team in 2011 as an English Instructor. As an English instructor, she prepares sophomores for the English II EOC in order to provide scholars with the skills to achieve their academic goals and succeed in college.  As the Dean of Literacy, Ms. Bubalo supports all English teachers at Sci Academy in developing literacy-rich lessons that instill within our scholars the high level reading skills necessary for college success. Prior to joining the Sci Academy team, Ms. Bubalo taught middle school ELA in the Algiers Charter School association. She received her BA in Secondary Education and History from the University of Tulsa.

Ms. Bubalo leads the Tulsa Advisory, Class of 2015.

Buzzell, Josh - Essential Skills Intervention Instructor

Josh Buzzell teaches Essential Skills Math to scholars. Before joining the Sci Academy team, Mr. Buzzell served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand in Peace Corp's Teacher Collaboration and Community Outreach Program, worked as a Program Associate for a local NGO in Thailand, and served as a Peace Corps Response volunteer in China as a University English instructor. Mr. Buzzell obtained a BA in History from Bard College and a MA in History from Central European University.

Mr. Buzzell leads the Bard Raptors Advisory.

Cota, Kate - SJP Humanities Instructor

Kate Cota teaches Senior English and AP Language and Composition to juniors and seniors at Sci Academy. Previously, she taught at a juvenile detention center and alternative school in New Orleans and also spent time researching education reform in the Republic of Georgia. Ms. Cota holds a BA in English and Psychology from Fairfield University.

Ms. Cota leads the Fairfield University Advisory, Class of 2016.

Dale, Rhonda - Principal

Rhonda Dale is the Principal of Sci Academy.  Mrs. Dale joined Sci Academy as a founding teacher in 2008.  During her tenure at Sci Academy, she has served as an academic dean, a culture dean, and an English teacher. Her efforts in the classroom directly correlated to Sci Academy’s consistent success and its ranking as the #1 school in the district on English exams.  In 2009, Mrs. Dale was named the Louisiana Public Charter School Association’s Teacher of the Year. Prior to joining the Sci Academy team, she taught for six years in schools in Texas and New Orleans, including George Washington Carver High School. In addition to her experience in the classroom, she has held a variety of roles in education, including three years as an online high school administrator and as a facilitator or professional development and coach of new teachers. Mrs. Dale holds a BA in Political Science with a minor in English from Western State University. She recently completed the inaugural year of the Relay Graduate School of Education's National Principals Academy Fellowship. 


Dekle, Leigh - World Geography Instructor

Leigh Dekle teaches World Geography to ninth grade scholars, preparing them for success in Advanced Placement Social Studies courses. Before joining the Sci Academy team, she was a Teach for America corps member and taught World Geography at Sojourner Truth Academy for two years. She holds a BA in Philosophy from The College of Charleston.

Ms. Dekle leads the College of Charleston Advisory, Class of 2016.

Dreher, Hilary - Operations Manager

Hilary Dreher serves as the Operations Manager at Sci Academy, working to ensure that the school is a safe, inviting, and peaceful environment for all scholars, families, teachers, administrators, partners, and visitors. Previously, she was a high school Special Education teacher in Jefferson Parish Public Schools. Ms. Dreher holds a BA in Political Science and Classical Civilization from the University of Michigan. 

Dukes, Cornelius - Dean of Positive Redirection

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Fairchild, Renee - Music Instructor/Interventionist

Renee Fairchild teaches music to the seniors of Sci Academy and helps them learn how to appreciate music for its cultural and historical aesthetic. She also teaches transitional skills to the amazing scholars in Essential Skills. Before joining the Sci Academy team, Ms. Fairchild earned a BA in English and Italian from Penn State University.

Ms. Fairchild leads the Penn State Advisory.

Fischer, Nathan - CIS Site Coordinator

Nathan Fischer helps to plan, implement, and provide mental health programming to scholars. Before joining the Sci Academy team, Mr. Fischer taught English as a second language to adult and was also a private marriage and family counselor. Mr. Fischer has a BA & MA in School Counseling and Marriage & Family Counseling from Our Lady of Holy Cross College.


Fisher, Claire - Pre-Calculus Instructor

Claire Fisher teaches precalculus and algebra II to juniors and seniors. In her class, scholars push themselves to take risks. They leave equipped and empowered to use their voice and inclined to solve problems in whatever field they choose. Ms. Fisher holds a B.A. in political science and honors in ethics in society from Stanford University and leads the Stanford Advisory, class of 2017.

Foran, Meg - World History Instructor

Meg Foran is the 10th Grade World History and AP Comparative Government instructor at Sci Academy, where she leads her scholars  to use their knowledge of the patterns of history to work towards building a better future. She also serves as the Dean of Social Studies and Foreign Language, supporting teachers in becoming strong teachers to prepare all scholars as strong readers, writers and historians. Before joining Sci Academy, Ms. Foran taught social studies at Abramson Science and Technology and worked for the Teach for America Atlanta Summer Institute. She holds a BA in English and Linguistics from Duke University and is currently working towards a Master in the Art of Teaching from the RELAY Graduate School of Education.

Ms. Foran leads the Duke Advisory, Class of 2015.


Gaddis, Alexie - Parent Coordinator/ 11th Grade Culture Dean

Alexie Gaddis teaches Algebra Essentials to the freshmen at Sci Academy. She graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans with a BS in Psychology and Spanish in May of 2012.

Ms. Gaddis leads the Loyola Ladypack Advisory, class of 2015.

Galiger, Andrew - Algebra Essentials Instructor

Andrew Galiger teaches Algebra Essentials to 9th grade scholars as a preparatory course for Algebra I. Before joining Sci Academy, Mr. Galiger worked at Einstein Charter School in New Orleans East as a 6th grade ELA/World History teacher, and at George Washington Carver Senior High School as the U.S. History teacher. Mr. Galiger has a BA in Philosophy and History from Tulane University.

Mr. Galiger leads the Tulane Advisory, Class of 2018.

Gold, Megan - REACH & Transition Instructor

Megan Gold teaches Transition which helps prepare scholars for their most rigorous post-secondary outcomes. She also helps coach and coordinate scheduling for the girls Volleyball and Basketball teams. Before joining Sci Academy, Ms. Gold worked at Youth Rebuilding New Orleans, setting up community service opportunities and finding worthwhile summer programs for scholars. She also spent two years serving with the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps, working with state agencies and non profits throughout the pacific northwest. Ms. Gold received a BA in Art History from Boston University.

Guth, Jacob - Behavior Interventionist/Coach

Jacob Guth works with both the Mental Health Team and with the Sci Journey Program team, managing data pertaining to the behavior continuum, and also helps coach male sports at Sci Academy. Before joining Sci Academy, Mr. Guth worked as the New Orleans Hornets and Los Angeles Lakers beatwriter for Rotowire Magazine. Mr. Guth holds a BA in Public Relations and Spanish from The University of Alabama.

Mr. Guth leads the BAMA Advisory.

Guth, Pablo - Full Time Substitute Teacher

Pablo Guth works with scholars who have limited English proficiency to ensure that they get the accommodations they need to access the material, while learning to read, speak, write, and comprehend English. Previously, Mr. Guth taught Spanish II and III to senior scholars. Before joining Sci Academy, Mr. Guth worked as Director of Development at NOLA Green Roots, after serving as a Law Clerk at the Washington and Lee University Immigrant Rights Clinic. Mr. Guth has a BA in History from Loyola University New Orleans and a JD from Washington and Lee University School of Law.

Mr. Guth leads the Washington and Lee Advisory. 

Hampton, Lakethia - Paraprofessional

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Hubbell, Kelley - Director of Mental Health Services

Kelley Hubbell is the Director of Mental Health Services at Sci Academy. As a founding member of the Sci Academy team, she served as the Director of Social Work. In her current role, Ms. Hubbell helps our scholars overcome any social or emotional barrier to college success, supporting teachers in their work with scholars and providing social work services to all scholars who need support. Additionally, she collaborates with outside partners and the mental health team to ensure that all scholars have the tools needed to tackle any problem they may face. Prior to her work at Sci Academy, Ms. Hubbell worked as a school social work intern at Whiteside School District in Belleville, IL. She holds a BA in Sociology from Davidson College and an MSW from Washington University in St. Louis. 

Ms. Hubbell leads the Davidson Advisory, Class of 2013.