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Romney and Obama hail New Orleans’ charter schools as a model for America
The teacher's command of his class is total. "Which one is the whole number?" he asks crisply. "Is it seven over three, or is it four?" He zeroes in on a child who gives the right answer, then the next… Read More
New Orleans charter schools are producing success stories
As far back as middle school, Tanara Thomas had her future mapped out: Finish high school, attend Delgado Community College for two years and then transfer to LSU. Growing up in one of the poorest neighborhoods in a city with… Read More
Sci Academy students cheer as classmates announce their college decisions
Sci Academy’s cheerleading squad burst into the packed auditorium at Greater St. Stephen Baptist Church in eastern New Orleans, cheering “We are the best, we’re headed for success, passing by all the rest with s-u-c-c-e-s-s, we are the… Read More
Sci Academy lottery sheds light on evolution of school choice in New Orleans
Pamela Morrell sat nervously in the third row Thursday evening among the lines of blue chairs set up in the school cafeteria at Sci Academy, a charter high school in eastern New Orleans. Her son, Charles, already has a spot… Read More
Sci Academy a bright spot in New Orleans school landscape
The ninth-graders in Isaac Pollack's physics class at New Orleans Charter Science and Math Academy were eagerly participating in a lesson on displacement and distance. "The total distance is 63," Kayla DeSalle said, to the sound of approving finger-snaps -- a… Read More
Oprah Gives Millions for Charter Children
Charter schools just got the gift of a lifetime.  Yesterday, Oprah Winfrey  gave out the last Oprah’s Angel Network grants – and the recipients were all charter schools.  How’s that for going out with a bang? … Read More
Education ‘revolution’ in New Orleans
In a low-income New Orleans housing project Niloy Gangopadhyay and his team are recruiting for success: the Success Preparatory Academy. It is a charter, or independent, school that Mr Gangopadhyay, a Californian, founded last year. Armed with clipboards and flyers,… Read More