Sci Academy


History is made up of a series of defining moments. These are ours. The purpose of recording history is to ensure that we learn from our experiences, successes, and shortfalls. Stagnation is our enemy. We must always move forward.

Jul 2012
Rhonda Dale becomes principal of Sci Academy.
Jun 2012
More than 95% of Sci Academy's inaugural senior class graduate with four-year college acceptances in hand.
Nov 2011
Sci Academy creates a network office called Collegiate Academies. The Sci Academy governing board becomes the governing board for the entire network.
May 2011
Sci Academy ranks #3 in Math and #1 in English in the Recovery School District. For the first time, Sci Academy scholars test in Social Studies and Science. The school ranks #1 in the district on both exams.
May 2010
Sci Academy scholars on average out-perform the district in Math and English, again.
May 2009
Sci Academy gets its first scores back. The scholars ranked #2 in Math in the Recovery School District and #1 in English.
Dec 2008
Sci Academy reconfigures its entire 9th grade reading curriculum. This change becomes the foundation for a program that raises reading levels on average 3 grade levels in one year.
Aug 2008
Sci Academy opens its doors to a founding class of 80 9th graders. Each signed on to attend a school without a building, a returning staff, or a legacy of any kind. Each took a risk.
Oct 2007
Ben Marcovitz is awarded a fellowship through New Schools for New Orleans (NSNO) to plan a new high school in New Orleans East that will open in the fall of 2008.