Sci Academy


What is a charter school?

There are three basic principlines that govern all charter schools:

  1. Choice: Parents select the school their child attends. Teachers and principals choose to work in the school.
  2. Flexibility: Charter schools are free to make decisions about curricula, the school day, and hiring teachers in order to best meet the needs of their students.
  3. Accountability: Charter schools operate within a multi-tiered accountability system – to parents, to authorizers via a performance-based contract, to the state and donors – that leads to quality schools and high achievement.

How are charter schools funded?

Like all public schools, charter schools receive public funding on a per-pupil basis. Most charter schools, such as Collegiate Academies’ schools, are organized as nonprofit corporations and can supplement their public funding with private donations. All public charter schools are tuition free.

What is a charter management organization?

All charter management organizations (CMO) differ slightly. Generally speaking, CMOs are organizations that work with individual schools to deliver management services. Collegiate Academies works with each of our schools to ensure academic, operational, and fiscal success and consistency. We aim to develop and support open enrollment high schools actively working to close the achievement gap.

What makes schools within Collegiate Academies different?

Every Collegiate Academies school holds high four commitments that make our schools unique:

  1. Growth Mindset: Scholars and adults at Collegiate Academies pursue new and greater achievements daily and work to eradicate beliefs in the limitations of children, adults, and all people.
  2. Professional Development: To support our growth, adults at Collegiate Academies invest in more than 550 professional development hours each year.
  3. Driven by Data: Academic and behavioral data help us track student growth and allow teachers to pinpoint the needs of each individual scholar.
  4. Beyond Academics: Each scholar is unique. Our opportunity is to know their strengths and areas of growth and to help them become their best selves. Advisory, co-curricular activities, summer internships, college trips, and mental health supports are just a few of the ways we strive to provide our scholars with holistic high school experiences.

What is the relationship between Collegiate Academies and Sci Academy?

Collegiate Academies is dedicated to supporting Sci Academy and the other schools in our network by ensuring that our schools are preparing all scholars for college success. At Collegiate Academies, our schools always come first, and all network office staff work to serve the needs of our teachers, school leaders, and students. Our charter management organization exists to streamline important functions, increasing efficiency and providing vital services--from operations to fundraising, communications to instructional coaching--to our schools. 

How does Sci Academy compare to other local schools?

For the past four years, Sci Academy has achieved the highest statewide test scores among open-enrollment high schools in New Orleans. To see how Sci Academy's test scores compare to other schools in the district and state, click here.

What other schools are in the Collegiate Academies network?

Collegiate Academies operates three high schools in New Orleans. In addition to Sci Academy, we operate Carver Collegiate Academy (CCA) and Carver Preparatory Academy (CPA). Both CCA and CPA are located at the historic George Washington Carver campus, and opened with an inaugural 9th grade class in the 2012-2013 school year. Over the next four years, they will grow by a grade each year, and will both serve scholars in grades 9-12 by the fall of 2015. 

What is the leadership structure at Sci Academy?

The Principal of Sci Academy, Rhonda Dale, leads all teachers and is responsible for setting the culture and vision of the school. In addition to the Principal, a Director of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for developing and supporting teachers and ensuring that the academic program meets the needs of the students at Sci Academy. Each grade level team is led by a Culture Dean who is responsible for setting and maintaing the culture and expectations for each grade, and each academic subject team is led by an Academic Dean who supports each teacher within that discipline and designs and oversees the curriculum to ensure that students are prepared for the end of course exam (EOC). Additionally, the operations team at Sci Academy--including the Director of Finance and Operations and the Operations Manager--is responsible for the financial, budgetary, and operational decisions at the school.

How do I enroll my child at Sci Academy?

Any high school student in Orleans Parish can attend Sci Academy. We accept the Recovery School District's OneApp. Applications for the 2013-2014 school year will be available in February 2013. For more information on how to enroll your child at Sci Academy, please click here

When will Sci Academy have a permanent facility?

We are currently in the construction phase of our permanent facility. The expected completion of the new school building is in the Fall of 2015. 

What is the discipline policy at Sci Academy?

For information about Sci Academy's discipline policy, please consult Appendix D in the Sci Academy Family Handbook.

Does Sci Academy require its students to wear a uniform?

Yes, all scholars are required to wear a uniform. New students are all provided with one complementary uniform, and additional uniform vouchers are available for scholars who qualify. While the uniform varies for each grade level, there are several rules that govern all uniforms at Sci Academy:

  • All shirts must be purchased from official school vendors and display the Sci Academy logo.
  • All pants must be khaki and have no more than two pockets in the front and two pockets in the back.
  • All scholars must wear a leather belt that is solid black or brown, with black, brown, gold, or silver buckles. 
  • If socks are worn, they must be black and white or a combination of black and white.
  • Boys must wear solid black shoes, and girls can wear either solid black shoes or Oxford black and white saddleback shoes.

For specific details on the uniform policy at Sci Academy, please consult the Sci Academy Family Handbook. 

Is transportation provided to students at Sci Academy?

Yes. All students at Sci Academy are provided with transportation to and from school, at no cost to parents. Scholars must live within Orleans Parish, and will be assigned a bus stop within 1 mile of the scholar's residence. 

Is Sci Academy a member of the LHSAA?

Yes. Sci Academy is a member of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association.

What are the demographics of Sci Academy?

Sci Academy serves a student body that is reflective of the demographics of the Recovery School District as a whole. 97% of our students are minorities, 94% qualify for free or reduced lunch, and 15% have special education needs. 

How can I get involved?

At Sci Academy, we know that we wouldn't be successful without the dedicated and generous support of our many volunteers, partners, and donors. For more information on how you can support Sci Academy, please contact Allison Zimmer, Development Associate, at